Kite history in Germany:

Stölln is situated 70 km north-west of Berlin. Next train station is Rhinow. If you travel by car, you have to drive on the B5 from Berlin to Nauen, Friesack and then direction to Rhinow. From Hannover you have to drive the A2 till Brandenburg and then the B102 direction Rathenow to Rhinow.
The village Stölln celebrates in 1997 the 556. annuary. But it becomes famous since a tragic event: the deadly crash of early flight pioneer Otto Lilienthal in August 9, 1896. He started from the Gollenberg (110 m height) several hundreds flights with distances over 250 meters.

Gollenberg um 1920                 50kB gifLilienthal mit Gleiter   12 kB jpg

Left: The Gollenberg at 1920. Today the mountain is totaly covered with trees. Right: Lilienthal in flight

Gleiter, abgestürzt 14kB jpgOtto Lilienthal   9kB jpg

Left: The aeroplan after the crash. Right: Otto Lilienthal

Bibliography (german):
Stephan Nitsch: Vom Sprung zum Flug. Der Flugtechniker Lilienthal. Brandenburgisches Verlagshaus -1991. ISBN 3-327-01090-0


Kite events in Stölln

Every year in August the people of Stölln celebrate the Otto-Lilienthal-Fest. Traditionally the kite fliers are a part of this event, though the opportunities to fly because of the many other aeroplanes, gliders, sky divers and ultralight fliers are not so optimal.

But since a couple of years multiple kite events outside the official events took place on the same terrain. Many kite fliers from Berlin, East- ,North- and West-Germany are meeting here in a relaxed atmosphere. The Otto-Lilienthal-Club and the Berlin kite shop LUFTIKUS invites the kite fliers to talk shop, to fly or just to relax. It`s not a usual kite event with official program or so, but a meeting, just like in Fanø. You can meet outstanding kite builders here, who like to fly their kites just for fun and recreation.

A detailed story about Stölln you can read in the Fang Den Wind, Nr. 36 - 4/95. The following pictures I took in 1995.

Westseite Gollenberg 1995

Gollenberg, west side. This is the terrain for the kite fliers.


Standing on the west side of the Gollenberg, looking to north. In the background you see the red-white tail unit of "Lady Agnes", an aeroplan Iljuschin 62. This big jet aeroplan actually landed here. It`s now a cafeteria and registry office.


Looking at south to the gliding field.

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